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Posted on Friday July 22nd 2011
Written by Brooke

Brooke Lee - Zootoday Rude List
Great to see Brooke Lee featured in the Rude List over at

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Posted on Monday May 9th 2011
Written by Brooke

New Feature - Photo Viewer
Due to popular request we have added a new feature today to make the viewing of image galleries easier.

At the moment we have set all photos to open up in a modal window with next and previous links on the right and left of the opened image. The opened images will shrink to fit your browser window if your browser is smaller then the image.

For all those that wish to view the images without the modal window you can instead of clicking the thumbnail photo click on the text links labelled 800 or 2000 beneath each thumbnail.

It would be good to get some feedback from you all so we know if you like it or not and to be sure that its working ok.

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Posted on Monday February 14th 2011
Written by Brooke

Brooke Lee Shooting For Playboy TV
I'm sooooooo excited !!

I just got a phone call and I have been picked to be one of the girls for the rebranding advertisements for Playboy TV!

They rebrand once every 5 years so I am very excited about shooting this.

I'll let you all know how I get on

kisses x

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Posted on Tuesday February 1st 2011
Written by Brooke

Terri Jane Hits The Dominican
Well I just got back from my trip to miami/Dominican republic and I must say it was as amazing and beautiful as i thought it would be.

The start of the week was tiring from the plane journey, but as the week progressed I had so much fun!we went to miami first, which was awesome,
I went to hooters, I got so much attention there, the weather was hot and sunny perfect for sexy snaps! I was shooting with another big boobed model,
me and her had such a great time together! I did the most amazing underwater scenes, was good to cool off in the pool, at night we enjoyed the most amazing home cooked dinners! the week went so fast it was soon time to come home, but the experience was amazing and im sure the pictures are too!

Thanks Brooke for making this happen for me.

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Posted on Sunday January 30th 2011
Written by Brooke

Terri Jane Sunday Sport Britains Biggest Boobs Front Cover
A massive well done to our very own busty babe Terri Jane for making it onto the front cover of British national newspaper The Sunday Sport.

Her assets really are proving to be a massive hit with all you lads.

Well done babe.


If you've not spotted Terri Jane yet you're in for a treat

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Posted on Sunday May 30th 2010
Written by Brooke

Were in the process of upgrading the server and so some of you may experience a few glitches as things are transferred.

We should be able to do this without any downtime but if you do experience any problems hold fire while we flip the last few switches.

If you have an issues that are not fixed within a few minutes of you noticing contact us on and we'll see to it right away.

Sorry for any problems that you might have.


The server move went ahead smoothly and as a result you should all see much faster downloads and a more responsive site over all.

Should anyone experience and problems though please do get in touch and let us know.

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Posted on Thursday December 3rd 2009
Written by Brooke

Brooke Lee Feature Girl Magazine
Brooke Lee is featured in the December 2009 issue of Feature Girl Online Magazine.

Along with an interview with Brooke Lee there are also content from Rosie Jones.

Well worth a look

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Posted on Friday November 27th 2009
Written by Brooke

Brooke Lee Tease Me Tv The Pad
Further to the previous post about me appearing on Elite TV there was a last minute change of plan as I had a better offer from Tease Me TV to appear on their show The Pad.

Tease Me TV and The Pad is available on Freeview 98 or Sky Channels 712, 948 or 959.

I've already done a few shows and had a great time chatting to everyone.

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Posted on Friday October 30th 2009
Written by Brooke

Brooke Lee Elite TV Cancelled
I've just agreed to start on Elite TV !!

For those of you who don't know its a live babe show on cable TV.

Looks like its gonna be fun :-)

Ill post more info soon

Edit - See next blog post, there was a last minute change.

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Posted on Sunday September 6th 2009
Written by Brooke

Most Viewed Pinups In American QUAD Magazine
Just found out that me and Tina have been the most viewed pin ups on the QUAD magazine website - the link is below!

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Posted on Monday August 24th 2009
Written by Brooke

Brooke Lee On Front Cover Of Picture Mag Australia
My front cover of Australians The Picture Mag has just come out! There is a 4 page spread of lil old me inside too.

Pictures are hot so im very pleased - hope you all like x

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Posted on Friday August 14th 2009
Written by Brooke

Brooke Lee And Lydia Baines In Picture Magazine
Hi All

There's is a nice big pic of me and the sexy Lydia Baines in Picture Magazine you can see it below .


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Posted on Tuesday July 14th 2009
Written by Brooke

Sign Up Using Your Maestro Card
You can now sign up to Brooke Lee Playmates using your Maestro card.

As those of you who use a Maestro card will probably already know Maestro dont allow you to set up recurring subscription type payments. To make sure that Maestro card users dont feel left out we set up a non recurring option.

To sign up using your Maestro card choose to pay via EPOCH and choose the NON RECURRING monthly price.

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Posted on Tuesday July 7th 2009
Written by Brooke

Were featured in flirt magazine
If you've never heard of it take a look at Flirt Magazine.

Its an online lads mag full of hot babes and this month they have a feature on Brooke Lee Playmates.

Take a look here

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Posted on Friday May 29th 2009
Written by Brooke

You can now search our content
We've been busy adding some new features to the site to make it easier to find the content you want.

You should notice the search button at the top of the photos and videos pages as well as tags beneath the description of each set when your viewing them.

Basically we're going through all the photo sets and videos and adding tags that best describe them. You should then be able to click on a tag and find other photo sets or HD videos that share the same tag.

We'll keep adding more tags as we go along but if you think we missed any get in touch and let us know

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Posted on Friday May 29th 2009
Written by Brooke

You can now search our models too
To make it easier to find the girls you like we have just added the ability to search the list of models.

There are plenty of options by which to filter the list and we'll be adding more soon.

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Posted on Monday May 25th 2009
Written by Brooke

We'll be taking the server offline for a couple of hours tonight to perform an upgrade of our hardware.

We've been told to expect a maximum of 4 hours downtime while the work is done.

The work should start at midnight GMT

If anyone has any problems get in touch.

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Posted on Thursday April 2nd 2009
Written by Brooke

Follow Us On Twitter
I set up a twitter account the other day so why not join in the fun and follow us

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Posted on Tuesday March 10th 2009
Written by Brooke

Brooke Lee Playmates Is Open
What an exiting day !!

The new Brooke Lee Playmates site is officially open.

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Posted on Tuesday January 27th 2009
Written by Brooke

New Boobies
Yes its all over with I had my new boobs 2 days ago. I was so nervous on the morning of the op even though I've done it all before but still really excited. Within an hour and a half my new boobs were born hehe. They were really swollen and sore but I've gained the fullness I want.

I'm back home now with my meds and taking it easy. I've got plenty of magazines and dvds to keep me occupied.

Cant wait for them to heal so I can get back shooting.

yay xx

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Posted on Friday January 18th 2008
Written by Brooke

Welcome To My New Blog
Hi Boys, Welcome to my first ever blog post..

It's been such fun creating this site I cant say how much I've enjoyed having all my model friends over and helping them get undressed. hehehe.

I've a few very busy weeks ahead of me shooting more content for the site and also a trip to Palma in Spain with some friends so look out for my tanned pictures.

As well as all that I have had the offer of a TV show to deal with so we will see what comes of that.

Thanks for being a part of the site and hopefully we can keep you all happy.

ps. feel free to mail me with any requests you may have, I'm sure we can help you.

tata for now.

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