Billing Or Login Issues / Support

Our billing is dealt with by CCBill and Epoch

Should you have any problems with your payment or subscription made via ccbill please contact CCBill

Alternatively should you have any problems related to Epoch please contact Epoch billing support

Common Problems And Solutions

What appears on my statement if I sign up ?

Depending on which of our payment processors you use to make a payment you'll see either " or CCBillEU" or "" pronted on your bank statement in reference to your payment.

How do I cancel my subscription ?

In order to cancel your subscription visit the website of the payment processor you used to sign up. Either or and follow the instructions on their home page.

I have misplaced my log-in info; how do I retrieve it?

Should you not be able to find your login details you can always retrieve them from our Billing processors.

If you paid via CCBill follow this link

If you paid via Epoch follow this link

My username or password wont work

The most common problem here is that you are entering your user name or password incorrectly. Remember, you user name and password are case sensitive and must be entered EXACTLY as shown. Another common problem is that you used cut and paste to enter your details. Try and type them instead.

I tried to login but was blocked

We have a firewall in place to prevent unauthorised access to the site. Should you enter your details too often during a visit you might trigger the firewall and have your IP blocked temporarily. Dont panic. Try again in 5 or 10 minutes.

Do you have any other useful info

You can see a list of frequently asked questions and answers for CCBill here or for Epoch here.

Im still stuck, can you help ?

Sure if your still having problems get in touch with us or our payment processors via their websites and we'll all be more then happy to help.

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