Frequently Asked Questions

Where are the girls from ?

All the girls featured on Brooke Lee Playmates are born in the United Kingdom so you'll find girls from England, Wales, Ireland and Scotland. You wont find any girls from overseas just British babes at their best. Some of the girls are professional glamour models as seen on adult web sites, lads mags such as FHM, Loaded, Nuts, Maxim, Front, newspapers such as The Sun, The Daily Sport, The Sunday Sport as well as some of your favourite top shelf mags. We also have a selection of girls who are fresh to the adult scene and have never been in front of the camera.

Is the content exclusive or bought in ?

We shoot all our own content and so you can be sure that all our content is exclusive to us and wont be found on any other website. We use our own in house photographers and the latest hardware to ensure the quality of our images and video sets.

What levels do the girls go to ?

We are primarily a softcore / tease site so expect to see nude, partial nude or implied nude.

Do the videos use DRM (digital right management) ?

Our videos DO NOT use any form of rights management. We feel that once you become a member you should be able to view your downloads whenever you please.

What size are the HD videos ?

Our videos recorded in HD and are mostly around 5 minutes in length and come in two different sizes. We offer MP4 files at a resolution of 640 x 360 pixels rendered at around 350k or WMV files at a resolution of 1280 x 640 pixels rendered at around 7000k. You have the option of streaming the MP4 files directly from the site or downloading both the MP4 or WMV files to add to your collection and playing offline at your leisure.

Do you package image sets as zip files ?

You can either download the sets as zip packs or view and download them individually.

What size are the photos ?

All of our image sets come in two different sizes. You have a choice of either 800 pixels or 2000 pixels on the longest edge..

Do you have any interactive features for members ?

We have a number of interactive features that you may use as a member such as

  • posting your comments on all the videos, image sets
  • posting messages to our playmates via their profile pages
  • rating the image sets, videos and playmates using our 5 star system
  • organise and save your favourite image sets, videos and models for quick access

How can I find the content I want ?

We have implemented a number of ways for you to be able to get to the content you want quickly and simply.

  • Image and video sets are assigned tags to allow you to find content with similar tags
  • Each model is searchable via various stats such as hair colour, eye colour, bust size etc.
  • Each model has their own profile page that lists all of their image sets and videos.
  • On each image and video set page we list sets that are relevant.
  • We list the current top 10 models, image sets and videos in the right hand side of the website

Can I contact the playmates ?

Some girls are active on the site and should you leave a comment for them on their profile page may also post their reply.

I have an idea for a photo shoot / video ?

Were always happy to hear your ideas. If you have an idea for a photo set or video you can either post your request as a comment on the profile page of the girl you would like to see playing out your idea or contact us direct via email.

I would love to be featured on the site, tell me how

If your a working model or just starting out and think you have what it takes to appear on the site then get in touch with us and send us some information on yourself as well as a few photos and we'll get back to you. For more information on how to become a Brooke Lee Playmate read this page

I'm having problems with billing / registration

For billing issues please read this page. Should you be having issues with registering get in touch with us and let us know what the problem is.

Ahhgh, my account was suspended

99.9% of you will never have this problem but if you do then get in touch and let us know your user details, login, email you registered with etc and we'll get you back on track.

The main reason that an account will get suspended is if its being accessed from multiple IP addresses and so multiple locations around the world. We have a few things in place to stop accounts that may have been hacked as these accounts only cause problems for other users. Please remember, your account is for you and you alone and any sharing of login details will result in an account being automatically suspended by our security scripts.

Another thing to remember is when you sign up to this or any other site to ensure you use unique username and password combinations and choose something that is not obvious to people trying to take over your account.

We are always more then happy to look after our members and do everything possible to ensure your service is not interupted but if you do fall foul to anything like this just get in touch.

I have a question that's not covered here

No problem, get in touch with us and let us know what the problem is and we'll not only answer your query but if the answer would be useful to others we'll add your question to this list.


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