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Brooke Lee Playmates is owned by W3B Media. W3B Media strongly believes in the importance of keeping readers' personal information personal. It will never use your information for any use beyond that stated or the permissions you give us.

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Brooke Lee Playmates record IP addresses and produces server logs - as all Web Servers do. This information is used solely for monitoring the volume of traffic the site receives and measuring the number of readers. We do not use the information for tracking the activities of specific visitors to the site.


Brooke Lee Playmates uses cookies in order to enable certain user features. You may of course choose to block these cookies if you wish, and the majority of the site will continue to function normally.

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Members who choose to complete any of our online forms, may be asked to supply personal data. This data is only used to enhance the users enjoyment of the site. Brooke Lee Playmates will never use your data for anything beyond the reason stated and the permissions you grant us.

Should registered users wish to adjust the information stored they may do this via the My Account section once logged into the site.

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