Chelsea French From Solihull, England

Chelsea French British glamour model Solihull

Hi, I'm Chelsea French and I'm 24 and from Solihull.

Some of you may recognise me from my late night TV channel 966.

I'm a girl who likes to be looked after and love the finer things in life. My ideal night would be being wined and dined in a very nice restaurant then a few cocktails and of course back to your place for some fun.

My hobbies include dressing up in leather and PVC and I have promised that my next shoot I will be bringing some of my favourite naughty outfits.

I do hope you like them..

Stay sexy guys


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 from Folsom US
Posted on 2010-12-13 01:38:14
Written by scotty f

Chelsea, i am digging your armpits. Very Hot.
 from Eastbourne GB
Posted on 2010-05-06 08:32:02
Written by Adrian Chisholm

Wow Chelsea you are soooooo hot!!!!!!

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