Michelle Chase From Cannock, England

Michelle Chase British glamour model Cannock

Hi, I'm Michelle Chase and I'm 21 and from Cannock.

I may look really innocent in my piccys but I am really bad, I like going out getting drunk, dancing on tables and flashing to randoms.
Im fun, Bubbly and adventurous the sort of girl thats always up for laugh :)
My favorate animal is a tiger and I love big dogs like dobermans, alsations and American Bulldogs. I like going on girlie holidays with my girlfriends and getting really pissed and sunbathing in the nudy on the beach but can hurt when u go body boarding naked ;)

My Favorate colour is Gold and i absolutley love horror, action and comedy films.

I would love to be an actress in the near future and progress alot further in my modelling career as I have only been modelling for a few months and been published in The Sun, Sport, Nuts, Zoo and Picture, I love doing girl on girl shoots its soooo sexy and I have had the privilage to work with the stunning Brooke Lee :D

I love F1 and BJJ (Brazilian Jajizu) and I am facinated with Bruce Lee I think he is an absolute legend.

My Ideal type of guy would have to have a great sense of humour, fun and adventurous I also like my men ruged.

My favorate drink is tequilla slammers, champaign and malibu with orage juice I also love eating chuck outs

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